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Health and Environmental Based Ventures

Mito Ventures. Our Mission

We believe that humans are capable of solving the most challenging and complex problems, including those we have created ourselves.

Our mission is to support and elevate businesses that are working to solve the problems we face in human health and the health of our planet.

Mito Ventures. What We Do

We Support Solutions that are Made to Last.


Sustainable solutions are at the core of our mission – we support the young businesses that are driving meaningful change on the road to environmental and social sustainability. We look at the long-term potential and viability of a project in all spheres: social, economic, and environmental.  


Growth with longevity in mind – we support businesses that are providing lasting solutions for a better future. Innovation that aims to evolve and go the distance to keep providing meaningful solutions for a changing world.  

Method - How We Do It

The Mito Method - Invest. Build. Grow.

Early-Stage Investment

We are always searching for young companies that are tackling the challenges we face in the healthspan of human health and the health of our planet. 

We like to jump in right at the beginning and help early-stage companies find their place in the ecosystem. Positioning them where they need to be to build and grow.

Build with an Intent-Based Marketing Approach

We build platforms to support the companies we believe in by placing their products in front of the right people, at exactly the right time and place.  

Precision is key – we do not subscribe to the ‘spray and pray’ approach that yields unpredictable results and leads to wasted resources. 

With over 20 years of experience in business growth, we use our expertise to get your products noticed when the buyer is at the end of their decision-making process. That is the sweet spot!

Optimized Growth for an Optimized Future

We use what used to be called a ‘growth hacking’ approach to drive growth in the start-ups we’re involved with. 

We believe in turning the creative field of marketing into a data-driven/scientific field, where every activity is carefully calculated, planned, and executed. 

This ensures that the best results are achieved using the minimum budget and the least amount of time.

Mito Ventures. Cases

Our Own Intent-Based Marketing Ventures


Search, find & compare eco-friendly products and brands. Not just by price but also by eco-friendly criteria.


A knowledge hub for people who are interested in natural living.

Our Investments

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